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Innovative Plug & Produce Solutions for Collaborative Robot Applications

OnRobot provides leading-edge Collaborative Robot Tools that allows operators to take full advantage of their cobot applications.  A one stop shop for end-of-arm tooling, OnRobot integrates a variety of grippers, sensors, and software to provide plug-and-play functionality. Their products specialize in ease of use, cost-effectiveness and safety when working beside human operators. Such examples of collaborative applications include electric grippers, force/torque sensors, vacuum grippers, quick tool changers, sanders, and electric magnetic grippers. OnRobot's compatibility features allows M6 Revolutions flexibility and efficiency to any collaborative robot application increasing overall value with their autoamtion investments.

OnRobots also offers WebLytics, their remote production monitoring, data analytics, and device diagnostics software. WebLytics is the first software of its kind to monitor collaborative applications in real-time and provide visualized application-focused data for operators in order to optimize production. It eliminates the need for manual data collection and provides key insights into how each application is performing, offering diagnostics, productivity trends, alerts, and even preventive maintenance statistics to keep robot cell downtime to a minimum. WebLytics can also automatically report productivity impact when changes are made to the robot cell, such as adjusting a speed cycle or adjusting the force of a gripper. The currently the software is compatible with all of OnRobot's leading robot arms and is futureproof as new robots and tools are added to OnRobot's catalogue.

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