GCI's Composite Torque Reaction Arm at The Assembly Show 2016

GCI was proud to finish up their 2016 road show of their composite arm at the 2016 Assembly Show in Rosemont, IL this past October. GCI has provided on-site demonstrations to over 100 customers in the US and Mexico in 2016 including a 2 week visit to customers in the Pacific Northwest. This video that was taken in the Aimco Global booth (www.aimco-global.com) and highlights the superior ergonomics of this torque reaction arm system, the integration of Aimco's AcraDyne tool and controller, and the power of GCI's error proofing AdaptiCS software.

This composite arm can be used both as a torque reaction arm and as a lift assist manipulator device for material handling. GCI provides systems to support tools and react torques all the way to 7500 Nm. As a manipulator, the composite arm is great for parts from 100 lbs all the way to 1000 lbs. The arm can also reach out to as far as a 20' radius.

M6 Revolutions is excited to partner with GCI as several customers in the Pacific Northwest have already placed orders for these systems to be installed in Q1 of 2017. If your company missed the 2016 road show, be sure to contact M6 Revolutions to schedule an on-site demonstration in 2017 or to receive any further information about this and all of GCI's product offerings.

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