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Schmidt Technology Provides Precision Press Solutions for Demanding Assembly Applications

M6 Revolutions continues our trend of partnering with superior manufacturing solutions providers by partnering with Schmidt Technologies, a world leader in precision press solutions. Schmidt Technology provides a full line of press systems including manual rack and pinion presses , toggle presses, pneumatic presses, hydro-pneumatic presses, electric presses, and

fully automated servo press systems.

Each and every press is manufactured to exacting, precision tolerances which provide the most accurate control of any press operation. Each product is also offered with many different options to further control the press process ensuring the highest quality results. Options include micron end of stroke adjustment, rate control, end of stroke sensing, press force monitoring and control, interchangeable tooling, slide table, and multiple frame sizes.

Schmidt has also developed extremely capable press control systems to complement each press that they offer. Press operations can be monitored and controlled by Schmidt's PressControl 600 which dynamically monitors press force and displacement while giving the flexibility to stop the press stoke if parameters are not correct. This type of control ensures that final assemblies are correct every time improving process quality. Schmidt's PressControl 75 provides simple yet capable control of any electric, pneumatic, or hydro-pneumatic press while maintaining the highest level of redundant safety controls of the operation. Schmidt's PressControl 5000 can tackle the most demanding press control applications while giving rich, HMI feedback. Last, Schmidt provides a comprehensive assortment of software and database tools for documenting the press results into any quality management system.

For all of these reasons, M6 Revolutions is excited to partner with yet another industry leader. Schmidt Technology's product mix is ideal for many manufacturing industries existing in the Northwest including Aerospace Manufacturing, Electronics Manufacturing, Medical Device Manufacturing, and many other major industries. Application examples include pin press, rivet press, flaring press, swaging press, coining press, compliant pin press, staking press, ballizing press, forming press, bending press, marking press, and punching press operations.

Contact us today to review your press application requirements.

Jacob Stock

M6 Revolutions


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