New DTC Digital Torque Wrench From Sturtevant Richmont

When considering companies to partner with and represent here in the Northwest, M6 Revolutions has always focused on a few key attributes that a prospective partner must have. One of those key attributes is innovation. It is my feeling that in order for a company to stay on top of their niche market, they have to be constantly innovating their industry and their products. By doing this, they remain a leader by giving their customers what they are always asking for, better products. With the new DTC Wrench, Sturtevant Richmont did not disappoint.

The DTC is a digital wrench that measures and records torque and angle. The first new feature that jumps out is it's size. Sturtevant took all of the precision electronics that already existed in their Exacta wrench series, and shrunk them down to fit into the same form factor as our standard click wrenches. This is a really big deal. One of the reasons why click wrenches continue to be in demand is that they give the ability to precisely torque fasteners in hard to access locations on the assembly. These are typically locations that are impossible to reach with any other DC or handheld tool technologies. As precision tooling becomes more popular, design engineers are constantly increasing the amount of critical fasteners on assemblies requiring full torque and angle control and data collection.

In addition to the size, Sturtevant did not disappoint under the hood of this new tool and continues to provide the most precision torque tooling on the market. Here are some of the key features on the wrench:

  • Bi-directional +/- 2% Indicated Value from 20% to 100% of tool capacity.

  • Sturtevant's traditional pin/spring dovetail and access to well over 200 interchangeable heads that all fit on all of their dovetail wrenches.

  • The light bands on both sides of the wrench turn yellow, then green, the wrench beeps, and the handle vibrates when target torque is achieved. Too much torque and the light band turns red.

  • 5 modes of operation: TAM (Torque Angle Monitor, T2A (Torque to Angle), Residual, Track, and Peak.

  • Target, minimum, and maximum torque values entered via keypad on the wrench

  • Lockable settings via a 4 digit password

  • Torque units:,, Nm, cNm, cmkg, mkg

  • 99 presets, numbered 01-99, optionally named via serial command. 16-character names.

  • Memory for 1000 torque events.

  • Set, save parameters, download/clear results log using DTC Connect Freeware and mini-USB port.

Stay tuned as Sturtevant continues to innovate the manual torque tool market in the near future. There are many new products on the horizon that are equally as impressive as this DTC tool. These types of innovations are what excites me about Sturtevant Richmont and makes me proud to represent their product. Contact M6 Revolutions or your local Sturtevant Richmont Distributor today for a demo or more information.

Written By:

Jacob Stock


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