M6 Revolutions partners with Omron Corporation

M6 Revolutions is proud to announce our new partnership with Omron Corporation!

As a global leader in automation, Omron is committed to providing a holistic experience for their customers. Therefore Omron's product lineup is extensive, offering a broad survey of robotics, machine automation controllers, servos, sensors, PLCs, power supplies, relays, safety components etc. This all-encompassing approach results in a unified automation system with greater efficiencies and product reliability. Omron's partnership allows M6 Revolutions to further enhance the end-user's experience by offering a myriad of easily integrated automation products that are intuitive, comprehensive, and future-proof. Through our technical services we also deliver a complete solution package, serving you from application concepts, to manufacturing, to installing Omron's automation components and systems on-site. The scope M6's offerings has increased in flexibility, efficiency, and overall value.

The backbone of Omron's automation systems is their programming software, Sysmac Studio. Sysmac Studio combines programming, configuration, simulation, and monitoring in a single interface. This one-stop programming software creates an integrated environment which therefore substantially eliminates programming errors and shortens machine development time which otherwise would be spent setting up and coordinating communications between individual components and sifting through piles of documentation.

M6 Revolutions is eager to utilize Omron's robotics line consisting of collaborative, mobile, articulated, delta, and SCARA models. In their 20+ years of robotics experience, Omron has deployed over 20,000 robots across the globe and has pioneered robot technologies including those in mobile robots, parallel link arms, machine vision, and motion control. Each of Omron's robots is ready to be integrated alongside any of Omron's family products of sensors, safety components, and automation controllers, giving customers a complete automation solution.

Omron is a perfect addition to our list of company partners as they increase the value of our existing partner's products.

  • Omron's PLCs, sensors, and servos can provide the controls and applications for any of Glide-Line's conveyor models. With the help of Sysmac Studio, developing a turn-key Glide-Line conveyor system is faster and easier than ever.

  • Omron's mobile robots can be modified to fit and drive Built System's Customizable Material Handling Carts, eliminating the need for human transportation.

  • Weiss's systems can utilize Omron's safety systems and robot applications.

  • Omron's Collaborative Robot can be coupled with Schmidt Press systems or Orbitform Riveting systems.

  • Weber's screwdriving applications and Miller's Feeding System bowl feeders can be installed with Omron's Collaborative Robot.

Thanks to our new partnership with Omron, M6 Revolutions' offerings have increased exponentially, allowing for even more complex but consistently reliable automation solutions for customers old and new. For more information on Omron's applications and products, visit Omron's new product page or contact us via email (jstock@m6revolutions.com) or phone (509-310-3584)

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