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Torque Wrenches and Torque Calibration

Sturtevant Richmont has been a leader in the torque wrench market for over 75 years.  With a history steeped in torque innovation, Sturtevant has led the industry in supplying manufacturers with quality preset torque click wrenches, micrometer adjustable click wrenches, beam wrenches, torque calibration systems, torque screwdrivers, wireless click wrenches, holding wrenches, and wireless torque and angle wrenches.  Sturtevant continues to innovate by bringing new technology to the market year after year to solve difficult fastener torque challenges, supply cutting edge solutions, and enhance the manufacturing process, all while maintaining their constant reliability that their tools are known for.


Sturtevant manufactures all of their tools here in the USA in their Carol Stream, IL facility.  Many of their tools are stocked to ensure quick delivery in any situation.  Together, M6 Revolutions' and Sturtevant's innovation and experience guarantees the best tools for any fastening process.  


Contact M6 Revolutions today to specify a torque error proofing solution for your application.

Sturtevant Richmont Products


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