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The scope of Omron's ambition proves its reputation as a global leader in automation. Providing products in all walks of life, Omron constantly brings new innovations to the fields of industrial automation, robotics, social systems, healthcare, and mechanical components. Yet, even with their extensive breadth of offerings, Omron brings intuitive cohesiveness to their products. Harnessing Sysmac, their integrated automation platform, Ormon provides a holistic experience, offering machine controllers, servos, vision systems, robotics, IO, and safety, all on the same network and programmed in a single software package. This multidisciplinary concept greatly eliminates programming errors, cuts development time, simplifies architecture, and extends the overall lifetime of a system, all while maintaining highly customizable solutions.

Omron's approach to robotics are also presented in a fully integrated solution package, with an emphasis on intuitive, flexible controls. With TMFlow, their graphical HMI software, users with minimal experience can set up simple collaborative robotics applications in just a few minutes. To add to adaptability and ease of use, each cobot comes with a built-in vision system and features hand-guided position recording. Omron's mobile robots also require very little set-up, as no facility modifications are necessary for the robot to perform. This means no tape, laser beacons, or floor magnets. The mobile robot is instead dependent on the neutral features of its environment.  Companies seeking flexible long-term solutions can't go wrong with Omron.

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Omron Logo
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