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Industrial Robotic Solutions: Collaborative, Welding, Assembly, and Packaging

With over 30 years of experience in the robotics manufacturing world and over 500,000 robots installed, Yaskawa Motoman provides unmatched robotics expertise. The company is a subsidiary of Yaskawa Electronic Corp which itself has been in the industrial mechanics business for over 100 years. Yaskawa Motoman provides over 150 distinct industrial arm, delta, and SCARA robot models for heavy-duty industrial applications including arc and spot welding, assembly, clean room, material cutting (laser, plasma, and waterjet), packaging, and palletizing. 

Yaskawa Motoman offers a comprehensive support system that promotes sustained aftercare beyond a product's initial warranty. With offerings such as 24/7 Technical Support Coverage, 24/7 Field Service Dispatch, Repair and Retrofit upgrades, and Employee Training Services, customers can be assured of an extensive shelf-life. M6 Revolutions also provides technical support as an authorized member of the Yaskawa Motoman Strategic Partner(MSP) program.

Yaskawa Motoman Core Products

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