Engineered Solutions for Torque Reaction and Material Handling Lift Assist Equipment

GCI Engineered Solutions has been designing and manufacturing industry leading torque reaction and manipulator lift assist arms for over 25 years.  With a fundamental focus on engineering and innovation, GCI has revolutionized this industry with the introduction of their carbon fiber composite manipulator and torque reaction arms along with their fastening error-proofing software AdaptiCS.


With many thousands of installations worldwide, GCI is the preferred supplier for torque reaction and lift assist devices for several Fortune 100 Companies.  With this experience, GCI's engineers can solve the most difficult applications to improve the ergonomics, safety, and quality of any manufacturing process.


Articulated arms have been used on production lines for many years due to their flexibility and ease of use.  Arms historically were made of steel due to its rigidity.  One drawback of steel was that it was heavy, especially as arm capacities and arm reaches increased.  


Use of carbon fiber is one example of how GCI truly has changed the industry. Lift assist arms and torque reaction arms could now be made at a fraction of the weight and inertia while maintaining the stiffness of steel arm.  The ergonomic benefits are unmatched with any other system available.  Arm reaches available up to 20' with capacities to 1000lbs (7500Nm torque reaction)


Error proofing fastening operations is becoming extremely common in the manufacturing industry.  GCI has been supplying encoded arms with their software, AdaptiCS, for over 15 years.  It is the perfect product for critical applications that do not have the volume to justify automation or robotics.    

AdaptiCS will guide the operator through a critical torque sequence, not allowing the operator to miss a fastener.  This product is a perfect example of what M6 Revolutions refers to as "In-Process Quality".  With GCI's Smart Arm, you can be sure your product is completely fastened correctly every cycle.  The system work with all major DC Electric Tool Platforms and is easily supported and updated as the customers process and products change.


GCI came from humble beginnings designing and manufacturing manipulator arms and end tooling to be used in manufacturing.  25 years later, GCI's engineers have designed thousands of end tools and use this experience to design the most efficient and functional custom tool for every application.   

Every tool is design specifically for the application that it is intended for.  Part can be hooked, gripper, vacuumed, and reoriented in any possible way.  GCI's end tooling can be mounted to one of their many articulated arm products or below the hook beneath any hoist, jib, or crane that the customer prefers. 


GCI has been integrating tools and supplying torque reaction arms for many years.  GCI's design philosophy is to help ensure the tool safely reaches every position that is needed during the assembly process.  GCI provides the necessary tooling to effectively manipulate the tool while ensuring that the tool balancer and tooling effectively reacts the torque produced by the DC or pneumatic tool 

Each of GCI's articulated arm systems can be configured as a torque reaction arm.  GCI provides everything from simple, bench-top balancer arms to 20' carbon fiber arms.  GCI also provides a full line of torque tubes used in applications while suspended from an overhead rail.