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Bulk Feeding Systems

FlexiBowl is ARS Automation's innovative, patented flexible feeder bowl system. It harnesses a unique combination of rotating plate motion and pulse actuation to precisely orient and separate parts. Engineered for unmatched flexibility, FlexiBowl integrates with any industrial robot or machine vision system to handle components of unlimited geometries, surfaces and materials.


A single FlexiBowl unit accommodates entire part ranges from 1 to 300 mm and 1 to 300 grams, eliminating the need for multiple conventional feeders. Available across 6 models, each FlexiBowl is meticulously specified based on application-specific factors like throughput demands, part presentation requirements, physical constraints, applicable standards, and production environment characteristics.


ARS's highly experienced engineering team provides comprehensive application guidance, including complimentary part testing and analysis. This ensures the optimal FlexiBowl configuration and integrated accessories are selected for maximum productivity and cost-efficiency.


As an authorized ARS Automation distribution partner, M6 Revolutions provides specialized technical services for FlexiBowl. This flexible feeder has proven its high performance through transformative throughput gains across thousands of production lines worldwide. Integrated with our principal's robotic solutions such as collaborative robots and advanced gripping tools, FlexiBowl forms the cornerstone of an intelligent automated workcell. This tightly coordinated ecosystem allows maximum flexibility to quickly adapt to changing part geometries and run mixed product lines with ease. Manufacturers gain the agility to pivot their operations and competitively deliver high-mix, low-volume production runs.

FlexiBowl Feeding System Solutions

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