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Fastening, Forming, Riveting, and Assembly Machines

Orbitform is a company that focuses on specific processes related to forming, fastening, and riveting.  At the core, Orbitform has a broad machine product offering to support Orbital Riveting, Radial Riveting, and Impact Riveting.  Orbitform's machines have been the undisputed leaders in Orbital and Radial Rivet processes for many years.   Orbitform's Impact Riveting brand Milford, has also been a staple in industry for over 75 years.  Complementing these processes, they are also experts in Roller Forming and Hot Upset Riveting.


Designed and manufactured in the USA, Orbitform can provide quality expertise for any forming application  Leveraging each of these processes, Orbitform designs and manufactures a wide array of equipment and tooling ranging from simple bench-top models to full automated assembly machines.  This wide range of capabilities and support makes Orbitform the best at everything they do.


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