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Orbital Riveting, Radial Riveting, Rivet, Riveting, Impact Rivet, Solid Rivet, Tubular Rivet, Rivet Head Forming, Rivet Forming, Automated Riveting, Roller Forming, Hot Upset Riveting, Self Pierce Riveting, Staking

Fastening, Forming, Riveting, and Assembly Machines

Orbitform stands as a trailblazer in cutting-edge automation for manufacturing, specializing in the intricate processes of forming, fastening, and riveting. At its core, Orbitform boasts a diverse range of machinery tailored for Orbital Riveting, Radial Riveting, and Impact Riveting—each process perfected through years of undisputed leadership. The Milford brand, synonymous with Impact Riveting, has been an industry cornerstone for over 75 years.


Beyond riveting, Orbitform demonstrates expertise in Roller Forming and Hot Upset Riveting. Crafted and engineered in the USA, Orbitform's commitment to quality is evident in its unrivaled expertise across various forming applications. By harnessing the power of each specialized process, Orbitform designs and manufactures an extensive range of equipment and tooling. This spans from simple bench-top models to fully automated assembly machines, showcasing their versatility and dedication to meeting various manufacturing needs. With this comprehensive range of capabilities and unwavering support, Orbitform establishes itself as the go-to expert, excelling in every aspect of their field.


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Orbitform Standard Product Options

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