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M6 Revolutions Inc. exists to bring added value to the end user through partnering with diversely specialized manufacturers that lead their fields on an international scope. With a focus on ergonomics, manufacturing process quality, and automation, M6 Revolutions carefully partners with the most respected companies in the industry to provide the best manufacturing solutions. We offer creative solutions to customers by not limiting ourselves to one principal, but give proper resources and flexibility that only comes from our multiple partnerships. We also provide unmatched experience, engineering, and project management assistance to ensure the project is done correctly and on-time. If M6 Revolutions does not have a partner that meets your needs, we will be glad to make recommendations for different manufacturers based on our deep industry contacts and experience.  

For manufacturers, M6 Revolutions brings solid engineering capability and expertise which sets us apart from typical independent representatives.  Based on the experience of M6 Revolutions, manufacturers can be confident that their representative is an expert in their craft and will share that expertise with each and every potential client.  M6 Revolutions actively covers and supports the Northwest region consisting of WA, OR, ID, MT, and BC Canada.

Jacob Stock
Founder and President

Jacob Stock has spent his entire career of over 20 years solving complex manufacturing challenges for customers.  Jacob has traveled extensively throughout the entire US to major manufacturing companies to concept, engineer, and install machines and automation systems.  Jacob has specifically completed several complex projects with major US manufactures such as Caterpillar, John Deere, Mercury Marine, Polaris, GE Aviation, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Kraft, Baker Hughes, and many others.

With a background and a degree in manufacturing engineering, Jacob has always provided a forward thinking focus on results.  This focus on innovation has driven the development of many industry-changing products including composite manipulator and torque reaction arms, error proofing software for fastening, and complex material handling systems with synchronized lifting of extremely heavy components.  Jacob continues to bring this vision to each and every manufacturer and customer that he has the honor of working with.

“Jacob Stock is a producer of great value with or for any organization. His knowledge, determination, ethics and care are constantly represented in his work at M6 Revolutions. I enjoy and look forward to every opportunity to work with Jacob. He is a most valuable and thorough representative of the Weber Screwdriving Systems organization.”

Zack Ruffing, Regional Sales Director - Weber Screwdriving Systems USA

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