As a solutions provider, we believe in....

-Common Sense
. Simplicity solves the most complex of problems.

-Resourcefulness. Solutions are resolved through strong and diverse partnerships.

-Transparency. Solutions are shared at every step.

. The best solution is found by seeing the unique purpose of the task.

Whatever the problem, M6 Revolutions is committed to your solution.

M6 Revolutions brings together manufacturing companies requiring process improvements with solution providers equipped with proven technical manufacturing solutions in the Northwest.  With a focus on ergonomics, manufacturing process quality, and automation, M6 Revolutions carefully partners with the most respected companies in the industry to provide the best manufacturing solutions.

At M6 Revolutions, we have almost 20 years of experience providing technical engineering solutions to manufacturing.  Our team has extensive expertise in material handling, custom automation, robotics, fastening, lean manufacturing, composites design and manufacturing, along with creating highly customized engineering support for all of these areas.  We have engineered solutions within all major manufacturing industries throughout the world including Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Heavy Machinery, Recreational Sports, Food Processing, Plastics, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device Manufacturing, Metalworking and Foundry, along with countless other general industrial customers.


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