Why M6?

M6 Revolutions serves Northwest manufacturing companies who need process improvements by supplying proven technical solutions. M6 Revolutions seeks to enhance the end-user's experience in the fields of ergonomics, manufacturing process quality, and automation. 

Looking for a solution?

M6 Revolutions represents the best products in their respective fields. How do we know? We've tested them ourselves. Through our 20 years of experience, M6 Revolutions understands the scope and strengths of our partner companies, so we can confidently approach any application with the attention and expertise it deserves.

Need an install?

M6 Revolutions is focused on not just the product, but on the whole process. A unique aspect of our company is that through our limited Technical Services, we install the very product we represent. We also partner with local integrators giving expertise on large-scale projects. Whatever your project, we are committed to its full installation.




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Serving you in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and BC Canada from Trout Lake, Washington.