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Manufacturing Automation Simplfied

Vention is making industrial automation accessible to all manufacturing professionals. Its manufacturing automation platform (MAP) allows users to design, automate, order, and deploy complex manufacturing equipment, on a single platform. Combining 3D software, code-free industrial programming, next-day e-Commerce logistics, and a library of 1,200+ modular automation components, Vention’s clients can start their industrial automation projects 5x faster, with 40% less cost than with traditional approaches. Vention is headquartered in Montreal, and has a European office in Berlin. It serves 2,000+ clients across 25 industries.

M6 Revolutions, a proud member of Vention's Automation Partner Program, provides holistic solutions, spanning the design, fabrication, and assembly of essential components for automation systems. By harnessing the capabilities of Vention's platform, M6 Revolutions accelerates project timelines, reduces costs, and simplifies the automation journey for its clients across diverse industries. Furthermore, M6 Revolutions' technical expertise complements Vention, providing ease of integration and optimal performance of automation systems. Whether it's designing enclosures, assembling stands, or implementing robotics applications, M6 Revolutions and Vention offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern manufacturing.

Vention Design Examples

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