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Air Leak Testing Instruments and Automated Leak Detection Systems

Established in 2005, LeakMaster stands as a trailblazer, delivering prompt, user-friendly, and dependable leak testing solutions for the manufacturing industry. Through close collaboration with manufacturers, LeakMaster's team of experts tailors leak detection methods for specific applications, earning a reputation for pioneering the industry's fastest and most repeatable equipment. As a trusted global leader in non-destructive leak testing solutions, their air leak testers and automated systems have become indispensable tools across diverse industries, including Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Engines, Drive Trains, Off-road and ATV components, Consumer Products, and mission-critical Medical Devices.


LeakMaster's products undergo meticulous crafting to provide a broad range of integration options, supporting Ethernet/IP, modbus, and profinet communication protocols. This design ensures optimal control, minimizes wiring complexities, and enhances functionality by capturing invaluable leak rate data, aligning seamlessly with the dynamic production environments of today. Their suite of cutting-edge technologies encompasses Pressure Decay, Vacuum Decay, Mass Flow, Differential Pressure, Occlusion, and Metered Volume. This comprehensive array underscores LeakMaster's prowess, delivering advanced capabilities to adeptly address a multitude of manufacturing challenges across our entire product range.


Specializing in the meticulous crafting of optimal systems for specific leak testing applications from inception to completion, LeakMaster provides services such as engineering support, constructing electrical control panels, producing intricate machine tooling, and generating virtual SolidWorks models. This distinctive approach underscores LeakMaster's dedication to maintaining the highest standards in leak testing at every step of the development process, ensuring that their systems consistently surpass expectations and address the diverse needs of the current manufacturing industry .

LeakMaster Products

LeakMaster Logo   LARGE_edited.png
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