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Align Production Systems
Air Casters
Hedin USA transporter carts, AGVs

Advanced Material Handling and Transportation Systems

Align Production Systems is the conglomeration of 3 brands with a focus on Material Handling and transportation.  Primarily focusing on lifting and moving heavy loads; Align, Airfloat, and Hedin can collectively solve any problem.  M6 Revolutions is the direct factory representative covering the states of WA, OR, ID, and BC Canada. Align focuses on lifting and positioning heavy products.  Align has standard products such has lift tables, tilt tables, turn tables, positioners, and head and tail stock lifts.  Align can also design and manufacture any lifting device to support customer requirements.  All systems are designed and built in the USA.

Contact M6 Revolutions today to help engineer the correct system for your application.

Adj Head Tailstock Cutout 1.png
120,000 lbs Ox Tugger Cutout.png
Pneumatic Tilt Table Down Cut Out.png
Pneumatic Lift without Extended Top.png

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