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Ergonomic Equipment to Support Lean Manufacturing

In the contemporary manufacturing landscape, businesses often face the dilemma of choosing between standardized fully-welded systems and the adaptable yet less robust extruded or pipe and clamp modular material handling systems. Each time the engineers at BUILT confronted this decision, they recognized the inherent drawbacks—increased waste and heightened potential for injury. In response, they harnessed their patented height-adjustable technology and embraced a lean, modular approach to production. This innovative mindset gave rise to the comprehensive range of products offered by BUILT Systems today.


BUILT Systems is a specialist in crafting durable, modular manufacturing support equipment tailored for virtually any industrial field. The product lineup includes adjustable height workstations, assembly benches, welding tables, machine bases, custom manufacturing carts, and lean support equipment like FIFO racking and tool storage carts. What sets BUILT Systems apart is its commitment to supporting diverse custom production needs through efficient, modular construction. The products are not only easy to move and ship but also boast straightforward assembly and adjustment processes, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

Built Products

Need more workstation options? Visit Built Systems for more features...

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