Ergonomic Equipment to Support Lean Manufacturing

Today, manufacturers are asked to choose between standardized fully-welded systems or the flexibility of weaker extruded or pipe and clamp modular material handling systems. Each time the engineers at BUILT made that choice, they were confronted by the amount of waste it incurred and the potential for injury. So they applied their patented height-adjustable technology and a lean, modular approach to production and created all of the products that BUILT Systems offers today.


BUILT Systems specializes in producing rugged, modular manufacturing support equipment.  Standard products include adjustable height work stations, assembly benches, welding tables, machine bases, custom manufacturing carts, and lean support equipment including FIFO racking and tool storage carts.  BUILT Systems supports all of your custom production needs with efficient, modular construction that is efficient to move and ship along with being easy to assemble and adjust.

Industrial Whiteboard, Lean Manufacturing Whiteboard, Kanban Board, Mobile Whiteboard
Adjustable Machine Base, Machine Base,Mobile Machine Base,Machine Base,Heavy Duty Machine Base,Robotic Machine Base
Die Cart,Mold Cart,Injection Molding Die Cart,Die Lift Cart,Die Storage,
Kaizen Cart, Boxing Cart, Packaging Table, Packaging Cart,Tilting Cart
Adjustable Height Assembly Table,Adjustable Height Workbench,Work Table,Lighted Assembly Bench, Lighted Workbench
Electric Tilt Cart,Pallet Cart,Pallet Tilt Cart,Industrial Tilt Cart,Upender Cart
Part Preentation Cart,Lift Cart,Pallet Cart,Part Presentation Lift
Material Cart,Kanban Cart,Pallet Cart,Kaizen Cart,Machining Cart
Tugger Cart,AGV Cart,Tugger Dolly,Material Cart,Transportation Cart,Pallet Cart
Adjustable Welding Table, BuildPro Welding Table, Welding Fixture, Welding Cart, Mobile Welding Table
Material Cart,Kanban Cart,Pallet Cart,Kaizen Cart,Machining Cart

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