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Ergonomics. Process Quality. Automation.

With a careful focus on solid solution engineering, M6 Revolutions provides on-site review and support of all projects from initial creation, installation, and support after the sale. Upon initial project identification, we work closely with the end-user to ensure all project requirements are gathered and understood. This information is communicated to the M6 Revolutions partner to create a proposal, providing technical engineering support and recommendations when required.  


Once an order is placed, M6 Revolutions will provide the main communication between the partner and the customer ensuring all of the details are communicated effectively and all milestones are met.  Upon shipment and installation, M6 Revolutions will be there to provide support wherever it is needed to ensure the ultimate success of the project. 


Operator safety and comfort is paramount to the success of any manufacturing process.  A lapse in ergonomics will create process inefficiencies through operator fatigue. These inefficiencies are compounded when operators get injured and must be replaced or rotated.  


M6 Revolutions provides ergonomic lift assists, torque reaction arms, casters, carts, fixtures, tooling, and workbenches to maximize operator comfort throughout their work day


Producing quality products without defects is the main focus of every manufacturer.  M6 Revolutions focuses on solutions to ensure that the manufacturing process creates quality product rather than relying on quality control to find the defects.


Whether the solution is augmenting a manual process with software to error-proof the operators actions or fully automating the process, M6 Revolutions can provide the best solution possible.


When process rates are too high for an operator, automation is an efficient means to produce any product.  Providing a well conceived automation solution is where M6 Revolutions excels above the competition.  


Knowing where to apply the appropriate technology to develop a solid working solution during the concept phase of a project and following that through is how we help customers succeed.

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