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Custom VTU Conveyor with Tilting Deck

A local M6 Revolutions customer was seeking a customer VTU Elevator with a tilting deck to provide improved access for a robot in a palletizing application.  M6 Revolutions and Glide-Line answered the call with this complete custom solution.

This solution allows for vertical transfer of product as well as tilting the conveyor deck up to 30° to allow for flexible access to the product being transported.

  • A standard Vertical Transfer Unit with the addition of a tilting transport deck conveyor

  • Provides the ability to tilt the product towards a robot or operator for improved access to the product

  • Tilt feature is controlled by the VTU servo/motor which allows for the transport deck conveyor to tilt up to 30°.  Deck is hinged on one side and loose on the other, allowing different Z-axis movements to provide various tilting angles



  • Step-servo control of the z-axis allows maximum tilting flexibility.

  • Various size, angles, access are all possible

  • Center drive motor on VTU to provide clearance above for robot in tight manufacturing cell

Vertical Conveyor, Tilting Conveyor, Robotic Conveyor, Palletizing Conveyor, Pallet Conveyor, Conveyor Elevator
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