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BUILT Systems Changing Industry with an Internal Focus on Lean Manufacturing

M6 Revolutions is proud to announce our partnership with BUILT Systems from Holland, MI. M6 Revolutions has been searching for partners to further improve our solutions for ergonomics, process quality, and automation. BUILT offers top of the line adjustable height workstations, machine bases, and welding tables. In addition, BUILT offers manufacturing carts, industrial whiteboards, AGVs, software, and solutions to support a Lean Manufacturing environment in any facility.

During a recent visit to the BUILT facility, I was struck with how BUILT has used their own solutions to optimize their production facility in so many positive ways. Seeing the results of this gave me the confidence that BUILT was a partner that would add value to the customers of M6 Revolutions. Simply put, these solutions have given BUILT the ability to offer extremely modular, durable, and custom solutions at extremely competitive prices not achievable or sustainable with more traditional machining, fabrication, or outsourcing techniques.

In the attached video, I wanted to point out some of the solutions that set BUILT apart along with the many reasons why BUILT supplies a superior product for a great price. I believe that behind every great company, there has to be a great story. A collective group of reasons and facts that set them apart. This is the BUILT story.

The production process starts with raw steel tube manufactured specifically for BUILT to very precision tolerances. The tubes are loaded into a tube laser and cut to precision specifications. The entire beginning of the process is a combination of tube lasers and robotic welding machines setup into lean cells to maximize the efficiency of each operator. They use both conventional MIG welding and laser welding that is 3x faster.

Completed parts are loaded onto BUILT material handling carts which are color coated and labeled for their specific destination and use. As a result of their many Kaizen events, BUILT utilizes many different colors on their carts so everyone knows the carts purpose and destination. This is a small list of the colors that BUILT uses in their production facility:

Blue - Fabrication

Light Green - PPAP (Pre-Production Assembly)

Yellow - Assembly

Red - Scrap

Orange - Rework Dark Green - Kanban

Color blind? No worries. Each colored cart panel has a huge label lasered out of it describing it's function. The bottom line, everything has a place, everything has a function, and it seems every detail has been considered.

At minute 2:56 of the video you get a look at some of their press brake machines. BUILT utilizes both traditional mechanical brakes along with servo controlled brakes for maximum precision on all of their bends. The TruBend 7036 was specifically impressive a it employs live tooling which allows for multiple ops without any changeover time.

After fabrication, parts move onto the powder coat area. BUILT utilizes an overhead conveyor line to bring the parts through a 7 point cleaning, etch and dry process. BUILT is setup to quickly change colors which is not often seen in traditional powder coating processes. Beginning near minute 4:06, you can see the operator change color in roughly 30 seconds which is extremely impressive. BUILT performs over 140 color changes per day to support their customer and product needs. Their paint line currently runs 3 shifts per day and they are in the process of installing a second line to support the demand of BUILT's great products. M6 Revolutions recently quoted a project where the customer wanted pink powder coat on a machine base as it was their company color. This was not a problem for BUILT.

BUILT ships most of their products in a "knockdown" state. Because many of their solutions are custom sized, BUILT manufactures all of their own corrugated boxes and packaging. This allows each shipment to be shipped and a the minimum size and price possible. The video shows this process beginning at minute 5:00.

Finally, at minute 7:00, the video shows their assembly process. Each assembly area is made from several of BUILT's adjustable height assembly stations. Materials are supplied to each station via BUILT's material handling carts and their first in first out (FIFO) racking. Andon screens utilizing BUILT's Ignition software keep the assembly operators informed on their goals and performance. BUILT's industrial whiteboards are also used throughout their entire plant to keep the operator informed on tasks and scheduling.

M6 Revolutions is very excited about the partnership with BUILT. With BUILT's help, we can improve customer's manufacturing processes with a focus on lean manufacturing. Because of BUILT's own lean manufacturing journey, their products are not only superior, they are priced extremely competitively as a result of their unmatched efficiency and execution.

Contact M6 Revolutions today for more information.

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