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M6 Revolutions joins Yasaka Motoman's Strategic Partner Program

We are proud to announce that M6 Revolutions is now enrolled in Yaskawa Motoman's Strategic Partner program and is fully authorized to provide industry-leading Yaskawa Motoman training, service, support, and technology.

Through this partnership, M6 Revolutions allies itself with tried-and-true solutions that have been decades in the making. Yaskawa Motoman has been manufacturing robotic solutions since 1976, contributing to and keeping pace with technological developments over the last half-century. With Yaskawa Motoman's robotics line featuring over 150 industrial arms, M6 Revolutions is better equipped to support our customers with dependable and innovative robotic solutions.

Robotics in automation has been around since the 1940s and popularized in the automotive industry in the 1970s but these solutions have only recently become affordable for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in the last decade. Relative to labor costs which have increased on average by 100% since 1990, robotic solution prices have decreased by 40%. And even more recently, robots have been at the forefront of combating pandemic-incited labor shortages across the manufacturing world. Unsurprisingly, the industrial manufacturing world has seen a surge of robotics solutions with estimated projections to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 15% by 2030. The future of automation belongs to robotics.

However, it is crucial to note that robots and AI are not replacing human workers. Like all forms of technology, robotic solutions enhance employees' jobs by providing a broader field of tools and skills, streamlining monotonous tasks, and performing jobs too hazardous for human workers. The robotic revolution brings effective change to companies, resulting in a safer, more ergonomic, and more productive workspace with measurable differences significantly contributing to a factory's bottom line.

Yaskawa Motoman shows its dedication to this vision of empowering workers and increasing manufacturers' efficiencies through its product selections and support services. In the past, robotic applications were expensive. Sure, they offered flexible and complex solutions, but this came with high installation costs and a steep learning curve. A major reason for robotic solutions' recent affordability comes from improved ease-of-use technology which puts the control not in specialized solution providers, but in the end-users themselves. Robotic innovation has thus become highly accessible to the general manufacturing sector. Yaskawa Motoman's education platform, Yaskawa Academy, presents in-depth training courses for customers looking to utilize their robotic applications to their full advantage. Yaskawa Academy provides over 75 different robotics training courses that can be attended either in person or online. In addition, Yaskawa Motoman offers longevity features such as extended warranties, life-cycle management, 24/7 technical and dispatch field service support, and repair & retrofit options. As robotic process automation grows in efficiency, Yaskawa Motoman customers can be confident that innovation will always be in their hands.

Additionally, M6 Revolution provides robotic support at a local level through our technical services. We offer simple installation options and work with companies to equip their employees with all the information needed to have a successful and affordable application. We bring our customers value not only through our products but also through our services and expertise.

One of Yaskawa Motoman's industry-leading specialties is their Arcworld Robotic Welding Cells which features the largest selection of standard arc welding work cell configurations in the robotics world. Robotic welding gives more consistent results than traditional welding due to reducing human error and fatigue. Yaskawa Motoman focuses on two principles: exceptional welding design and optimal configuration. Therefore, they supply custom-integrated and pre-engineered cell options depending on the customer's application. Installation options include partnering through local companies such as M6 Revolutions or developing a turnkey solution with Yaskawa Motoman's in-house engineers.

Check out Yaskawa Motoman for more information and contact M6 Revolutions to start a revolution in your company's manufacturing processes.


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