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Summer Deal: 10% Off Zimmer Group Industrial Bag Grippers – Limited Time Only with M6 Revolutions

M6 Revolutions is proud to present you with an exclusive offer that you won't want to miss! For a short time, we're offering a 10% discount on Zimmer Group's top-tier Industrial Bag Grippers. This offer is valid until July 15th, 2024, so act now to take advantage of these savings and boost your systems' efficiencies.

Why Zimmer Grippers Are a Game-Changer for Your Automation Needs:

  • Universal Material Handling: One gripper for all your materials—flour, fruits, grains, fertilizers, chemicals, or cement.

  • Industrial-Grade Durability: IP54-rated, resisting dust and splashes in even the toughest manufacturing environments.

    • Precision Automation:

    • Synchronized Jaws: Centered bags, even grips, zero drops.

  • High-Rigidity Design: Stable handling at high speeds.

  • Productivity Boost: Large drive cylinders enable up to 20 cycles per minute, slashing handling times.

Engineering Reliability:

  • Covered Mechanics & Dust-Protected Components: Slash downtime and extend gripper life, even in harsh environments.

  • Large Drive Cylinders: Not just speed, but consistent power for heavy-duty cycles.

  • Synchronous Jaw Movement: Precise material handling, from delicate produce to robust cement bags.

Modular Design for Every Production Challenge:

  • Flattening: Perfect stacks, every time.

  • Intermediate Layer Handling: Organized pallets for efficient storage and shipping.

  • Pallet Handling: Easy integration with your palletizing systems.

  • Specialized Forks: Food-grade and chemical-resistant options are available.

Upgrade Now, with Expert Installation: M6 Revolution's technical services ensure flawless integration. From unboxing to your first automated pick, we've got you covered.

Remember, this 10% discount is only available until July 15th, 2024. Contact M6 Revolutions today and secure your savings!


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