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M6 Revolutions Partners with WEBER Screwdriving Systems Inc.

M6 Revolutions is proud to announce that we are now the exclusive Northwest factory representative for WEBER Screwdriving Systems. As of 12/2016, M6 Revolutions represents WEBER in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.

The vision for M6 Revolutions is to provide the best solutions to help manufacturers improve their manufacturing processes through improvements in Ergonomics, Process Quality, and Automation. WEBER bring unmatched capabilities and experience in automated screwdriving and fastening systems.

During a recent trip to WEBER in Mooresville, NC, I was able to learn about and witness what makes WEBER special. Proud of their deep German Engineering roots, WEBER excels in all automated screw feeding and installation applications including very difficult applications with small screws that often have length to diameter ratios that are too small for typical feeding systems. They are able to achieve results with very low ratios <1.2:1; due to their extreme attention to detail and precision. The Northwest offers a very diverse manufacturing base with unique and difficult applications from Electronics to Aerospace. WEBER has the ability to excel regardless of the industry or application

In addition to screwdriving systems, WEBER is an expert at bringing new technology to the market. WEBER's RSF Flow Drilling Technology has changed the way automobiles are currently manufactured by combining the flow drilling and fastening process resulting in a self threading fastener that can be installed from 1 side. This process is used to join thin aluminum with full depth rolled threads that are also self locking. This process eliminates the need for drilling, tapping, inserts, nuts, and other commonly used methods for fastening aluminum. RSF has many applications, especially in the aerospace market here in the pacific northwest.

In addition to the RSF technology, WEBER also offers a new technology for fastening and installing inserts into plastic and composite structures. WEBER's Thermal Setting System for Multi-Layer Structures (TSS) can be used to install fasteners and inserts without the need of adhesives. The TSS process provides a bond by "welding" the fastener/insert to the parent material. in the case of composites, this process also intermingles the composite fibers into the insert providing an extremely strong bond comparable to any adhesive process. TSS technology is quite fast and will significantly reduce manufacturing process time and over standard insert potting technologies currently used in aerospace and other industries.

By partnering with WEBER, M6 Revolutions can offer extremely technical and capable solutions for any automated fastening and screw feeding process. Contact M6 Revolutions today to help specify a WEBER solution to improve your processes.

Jacob Stock


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